Green Lake Campground, New Woodstock, NY July 17, 2017

You might wonder what we are doing in upstate New York near Syracuse when we said we were on our way home. Our trip home has turned into a rescue mission. Helen is the president of Green Mountain Pug Rescue, a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to rescuing pugs in need. She got an email from a family who have some illness issues and need to surrender their two pugs. So instead of spending a day in the Lancaster, PA area reliving 35+ years ago we are in upstate NY to pick up two pugs in need and bringing them back to Vermont where they will be evaluated for personality and medical issues (if any) and then fostered until an approved permanent placement with a forever home and family can be arranged.

Rescued! Louie and Ralph, pugs on their was to Vermont and new forever homes.
On the way…best buddies.

For anyone interested in this part of upstate NY, Green Lake is a lovely campground with large, private sites, lots of woods and some wonderful hiking and biking trails. Highly recommended. Stay tuned for a postlude – facts and figures about the trip.

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