Flying Goose Campground, Fairmont, MN – July 12, 2017

Two days in a row with cell service. We must be back in civilization! We are at Flying Goose Campground in Fairmont, MN after having traversed South Dakota, 350 miles for the day.

We started the day with breakfast in 1880 Town, SD. Yes it is a tourist attraction but breakfast in the old rail dining car was great fun.

The kitchen and dining cars are real.
The entire “town” is a replica of something from the 1880’s.

It is always amazing what you can see as you travel about the country. We had to stop for the corn palace in Mitchell, SD.

What is a corn palace you ask? Feast your eyes on this.

Palatial, don’t you think? And the artwork is – you guessed it – made from corn.

Good old Willie Nelson.
A closer look reveals the artist’s medium, corn cobs stapled to the building.
An even closer look.
Each year they choose a theme and celebrate it with corn art all around the building. Of course they sell popcorn inside. The tour is free. What you do for entertainment in the corn fields of SD.
I think we are in corn country…

Along the way you see strange sights besides just corn palaces.

American Indian art…in statue form…
A celebration of? Horns? Steers? Who knows, but there it was.

We ended our journey here. A lovely campground on Lake Imogene. Mostly high 80’s and low 90’s today. Very little traffic, lots of commercial scale wind farms and diesel fuel as low as $2.29. Tomorrow we’ll be in Wisconsin, the other dairy and cheese making state!

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