So much to catch up on – July 11, 1880 Town, South Dakota

Our last post seems so long ago, July 4. But sure enough, we have been this long without cell service so I have a lot of catching you up to do.

Of course, when you go to Yellowstone you have to see a few of the “must dos” like Old Faithful. The geyser cooperated and we got to see the full effect.

More exciting was the eruptions of Beehive and Lion, two other geysers in the same location that erupt much less frequently and less predictably.


Beehive sitting idle and then, suddenly,…

One is reminded just how thin the earth’s crust is here and how the landscape is constantly changing as a result of the volcanic action so close to the surface.

Lion, another geyser, erupting during our visit.
Mammoth Springs is a constantly changing area – the water here was 142 degrees. The water can deposit close to four feet of material in a year, changing the face of Mammoth constantly.

Mud pots and steam vents abound. This one was bubbling violently and smelled strongly of sulphur.
Our trusty steed in the vapors from the mud pots.

All of Yellowstone seems to be smoking, steaming or erupting. But there are other sights as well.

Grand canyons…
Rushing rivers…
the ever present buffalo…
and less imposing elk…
lakes full of ducks and geese with marvelous backdrops.
challenging but gorgeous roads.

Yellowstone is a unique place. Traffic can be a bit unnerving as people stop in the middle of the road to get far too close to buffalo. I have no idea what they are thinking but one person was life-flighted out while we were there after being gored by a buffalo.

The trip out of Yellowstone took us to Cody, Wyoming for the night. We used our down time to visit the Cody Museum, a fascinating place, well worth a day’s wandering.

The firearms collection is stunning – so comprehensive and so varied. Gorgeous, one of a kind pieces like this one.
and presentation pieces made to presidents, and generals and foreign dignitaries along with historical weapons and weapons of war. An amazing collection of firearms.
The collection of Native American items is extensive…
as well as an extensive collection of art.
Truly a sacred and special place .

We left Cody for Devil’s Tower where we spent the evening at Belle Forche Campground. This was the view from our camp site for the evening.

From Devil’s Tower we passed by Crazy Horse on our way to Mount Rushmore.

Crazy Horse, still under construction.
an amazing feat of sculpture…

From Mount Rushmore we passed through the Badlands National Park.

The Badlands is full of color yet it doesn’t capture well with a camera.
One thing for sure, it was hot in the Badlands today.

We are holed up for the night in a KOA with the air conditioner running full tilt. It is a bit after nine P.M. and the temperature outside is still 90 degrees. Tomorrow we make a long run for Minnesota, Myre Big Island State Park, where we hope to spend the night. It will be our longest mileage day yet if we make it, 400 plus miles, but almost all of it on Interstate 90.

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