Glacier National Park – the Crown of the Continent

Once the decision was made to spend another day here near Glacier National Park it was clear that we wanted to hike somewhere in the park. The hike needed to be “reasonable” given the fact that we couldn’t take Ginger with us into the park trails. So she got to stay in the camper and sleep on our bed while we did the Cedars Trail and then the 2 mile climb up to Avalanche Lake. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves but understand that there is no way they can capture the majesty of this park.

The entrance to the park.
The Trail of the Cedars. These trees are huge.
Some trees succumb to age, wind and weather, leaving a photo op for those who take the time to look.
We were fortunate to run into a photographer willing to take our photo near the cascade.
A reminder we are not alone in this wilderness.
Awe inspiring…

Everywhere you look, nature exceeds expectations.
A reminder that these are not the Green Mountains of Vermont. The snow is persistent and deep.
Avalanche Lake – 2 miles up, a glacier fed lake. The water is an amazing blue.
The power of the water cannot be overstated.
A stark reminder of the power of the ice fed streams as they crash down the mountain.

Perhaps the videos will give you some sense of the power of the water.

After our trip up and back we headed back to our camp site for the evening. But the day wasn’t quite over. As we were driving out of the park a car suddenly swerved into our lane. We were headed for a head-on collision until we swerved into the oncoming traffic lane. In my mirror I watched the Kia slowly drive off the edge of the road and come to a stop.

We stopped, expecting to find someone having a medical emergency but to our surprise we discovered an individual well under the influence of something. They wanted to get back in the car and drive off but it was clear they were in no condition to drive so we confiscated the keys and waited for law enforcement to arrive. In the meantime, we directed traffic around the scene.

Park rangers were soon on the scene.

It was an exciting end to the day. And a reminder of why we are on this trip – because you never know how much time you have to enjoy the beauty of our creation.

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